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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Cupcake Project, Take One

While I was dissecting the cupcake a couple of days ago, I thought about what a perfect size the cupcake was, how it was perfectly portable yet substantial enough to be filling, even if it only takes two or three bites to finish is off.

Then, the stars aligned, the clouds parted, and a single ray of sunshine landed on my face. I knew what my (near) future would hold. My quest, should I (with relatively infinite free time) choose to accept it, would be to make as many meals as possible in cupcake form.

First up: Breakfast! The general idea with this meal is to bake a biscut in a muffin tin, hollow out a bit of the top, pipe hot sausage gravy into the center, fill the hole with scrambled eggs, and top the whole thing with shredded cheese.

All while making it still look like a cupcake.

So. The into the pan, little piggies! One roll, preferably something with a kick, so medium at least.

There's a reason we don't ask where sausage comes from.

Let me know if you've heard the one about the eggs and the two-year-old. You'll need 8 of these, preferably scrambled by your own hand, not your toddler's.

Eggs, meet toddler. Toddler, meet eggs.

Sausage gravy: sausage, flour, milk, pepper. No extra salt needed. Whisk together in small batches until creamy.

Why hello. I am here to whisk you away to a land filled with creamy,
sausage-y goodness. Don't hold back...come with me

You can never have too many cooks in the kitchen.

Problem with the menu, son?

One tin yields 8 biscuits, but you'll need two tins to use up all the gravy.

Behold, the glory of Pillsbury.

Give your kid a snack before you start this.

A child displeased.

Use a spoon to gut the first half of the biscuit. Use an ice cream scoop to pour sausage gravy into the hole.

Oh, we're just getting started.

Use the same ice cream scoop to place the scrambled eggs on top of the biscuit. Not trying to be picky, but the scoop really is the perfect size for this.

From "101 ways to use your ice cream scoop."

Use the pieces of bread you cut out for extra dipping, should you have more gravy than expected.

Wait! We're still not done!

Check the expiration date on your cheese before you start. Mold isn't an ingredient in this recipe. Please note, this shouldn't have "expired" for another 3 months. Liars.

Expiration date fail.

Have just enough generic cheese on hand, and give it a sniff test.

All hail the generic cheese backup!

Appreciate your handiwork.



Yup. That's my bite mark right there.

Oh, are they yummy. Perfect for brunch. It keeps together very well and is a very neat meal to eat - if you aren't a glutton about sausage gravy (like moi) then you won't even need any silverware.

Next time, we'll be trying garlic bread & baked spaghetti cups.

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  1. ummm, YUM! but i think the garlic bread and baked spaghetti cups sound like they will top this!