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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Reasons why I'll be sad when the election is over

  1. My mailbox will not be bulging at the seams. It was nice to know SOMEONE wanted to send me snail mail.
  2. Plus, with all the extra-large postcards I've received in the last few weeks, I'll be able to wallpaper Ethan's room! Who needs alphabet flashcards, we'll just tack these high-gloss babies on the wall and teach him his ABC's that way!
  3. I'll have to go back to watching regular, boring commercials instead of the high-intensity, fear-mongering ones I've come to love. They're like 30-second episodes of Criminal Minds!
  4. The newscasters will have so much less to talk about. Hope the crime rate goes up, these poor anchorpeople might lose their jobs!
  5. The phone calls! I'll miss my 8:30 p.m. chats with my new, pre-recorded friends. I've been SO popular recently, and they're REALLY good listeners.
In all seriousness, the only chance you have at changing the state of the nation is casting your vote. Let your voice be heard in the war against apathy - exercise your right to vote.

Serious props to Mom-101 for her blog post today, take a looksie and give her props yourself.

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  1. Wait just a minute...you got POSTCARDS? And phone CALLS? Whoa, I feel a little left out.