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Monday, November 15, 2010

Stars...Can't do it...Not Today

"You don't want to wait much longer because you think that you've been patient long enough. You aren't quite ready to initiate your plan today, but in your mind you have already escaped from the starting gate and are running the race. It's crucial now to pay attention to the differences between what you want and what you already have, but it's not yet time to bridge the gap. Taking action too soon can lessen your chances of success."

I'm not one to sit idly and do nothing. I'm (usually) always doing something. There's always something that can be folded, cleaned, washed, read, made, bought, played with - I am perpetual motion. "Ruthlessly efficient" has been used to describe me, and it's probably the closet description I think I've heard. I'm kind of proud of that assessment.

For the last 5 weeks, and essentially for the past 4 months, I have had to stop. Period. Just stop. This was very, very difficult for me in the beginning. Okay, fine, in the beginning it just didn't happen. I couldn't slow down. I did more than I should have, more than I had to, and more than was asked of me. I was so wrapped up in being better than my injury that I couldn't hear the subtle hints my body was throwing my way, ones I would have easily picked up on had I been quieter, easier, and less angry at myself for breaking.

It's funny, when Fate has a lesson to teach you, it makes damned sure you listen, come hell or high water. Instead of sitting down and listening to Fate in July, when I became injured, I was rude and waited until October to invite her in. Hey, at least I let her stand at my front stoop in good weather, right?

So began my lessons in the Fine Art of Doing Nothing. For about 8 hours a day, when Hubs and Tiny Tot had left for the day, I was schooled in patience, humility, and futility.

Presently, I have three days left until I can walk and drive again.

So when I opened my email and found the preceding horoscope (copied at top), I thought, "well damn...Fate knows me all too well, doesn't she?"

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    1. Hey Prima! It's just so darn hard to sit down and do nothing, isn't it?! I feel extremely self-indulgent and maybe even a little bit useless if I'm not constantly doing something, but it really wears me out!

      I'm glad you are practicing the Fine Art of Doing Nothing! Enjoy it!